Business to Government

Any business or service provider seeking to establish itself in a foreign market needs to ensure a number of issues are in place in order to offer the best chance of success including:
• Appropriate and Accurate Market Research
• Appropriate and Insightful Market Entry Strategy
• Appropriate and Effective Marketing
• Appropriate Levels of Funding
• Appropriate Legal Support and Advice
• Appropriate Political & Government Support
Government Affairs (Services) Ltd. can assist in putting in place a package of services that will encompass all of the above and fully support your goals.

Government to Media

With growth of online media, Government Administrations the world over can sometimes experience instances of negative or unhelpful media coverage. This can range from the malicious to the ill-informed. But regardless of the lack of veracity of a story, the damage done to a Nation’s reputation can be significant and long-lasting. Government Affairs (Services) Ltd. can support Administrations who find themselves the target of such media stories by supporting its efforts to explain the facts of a situation and neutralise the potential damage to its international reputation and standing.

Government to Business

On occasions, Governments will need to Tender for specific products or services which are not readily accessible within their own country. As such, there is a need to approach the international market to supply such products or services. Through its network of various industry sources, Government Affairs (Services) Ltd. can advise on the best way for an Administration to identify such service providers and make initial 3rd Party approaches leading to either an appointment or where appropriate, a formal bidding stage.